Keeping our patients safe is our #1 goal.😀

With Optomap technology, we can perform an extensive examination of your eyes with limited face-to-face contact.😷

This amazing technology gives our optometrists a comprehensive, ultra-widefield view that is not possible with traditional imaging methods. Optomap is a unique technology that captures more than 80% of your retina in one panoramic image providing a historical record of your retinal health, allowing us to track and monitor any changes in your retina, year over year.

The light-sensitive tissue that makes up your retina is susceptible to a variety of diseases and is essential to detect problems early on. Also, because we can see your blood vessels, we may also be able to detect other health issues based on what we see in your eyes! 👁

We absolutely LOVE ❤️ our Optomap and we are one of very few practices to be using this NEW technology so here are Kelcher Optometrists TOP 5 reasons why you should make Optomap part of every eye exam…

1) Optomap allows our optometrists to provide you with the most comprehensive eye exam possible! It provides us with a 200 degree or 82% view of the retina and has incredible tools to help us best monitor your eye health over time! This includes enlargement and isolation of specific areas as well as side by side comparisons of past images. This becomes part of your permanent health record.

2) Optomap is for everyone! Our eye care team has experience taking Optomap photos on thousands of patients. This includes toddlers, children, and adults of all ages! Imaging on children costs £10 and adults is £20 – which is generally affordable for such an important examination.

3) Optomap is quick and safe! It only takes 1/2 second to capture an Optomap image that will be immediately available for interpretation by your optometrist. Our team cleans the device with alcohol wipes between each patient to make sure you are safe.

4) Optomap does not require dilation eye drops. You can drive to your appointment as unlike other imaging and scanning machines, dilation is not required to capture the images on optomap.

5) Optomap is the ultimate tool to ensure the health of your eyes – and maybe your overall health! A picture is worth 1000 words! Optomap technology allows our optometrists to accurately compare previous images. Many retinal disorders do not cause pain or other symptoms. When detected early many retinal problems can be treated to avoid vision loss. Optomap assists in the detection of eye diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. You can take a picture of your optomap home on your phone so you can show your family, colleagues, or friends. 🤳